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One word connects all of my work: Storytelling.


It's what all the marketplace-leading, culture-defining and barrier-breaking brands that I have created and worked with have in common.


Storytelling is more than a passion; it’s a necessity. With so many distractions out there, it takes a distinct vision for brands and businesses to make meaning, drive action and stay relevant. That’s where I come in. I believe the best stories connect and resonate across mediums: word, image, sound, material and experiential. From the big idea to the smallest detail, I work to ensure every choice reflects values and builds value. 


As a strategist, marketer, writer, designer, stylist, connector and creator, I’m all about holding your eye, moving your soul and making you think. As a queer, mixed, BIPOC, first-generation American (and so much more), I’m all about a dynamic, inclusive approach and the grace to support growth to those ends. And as a person, I’m all about working with fearlessness, curiosity, generosity, empathy and joy. 


Looking forward to connecting with you.




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